Echoes of Earth Takes Its Green Music Festival to 3 Indian Cities

Echoes of Earth, India’s greenest music festival, is proud to announce the debut edition of its 3-city concert India tour with the British nu jazz collective, The Cinematic Orchestra. After the successful Bangalore edition last year, Echoes of Earth is making its way for the first time ever to the metro cities of Delhi and Mumbai along with Bangalore, the event’s home turf. The event, named ‘Echoes of Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi’, will be a one-day affair in each city with a single-stage concert format, offering the unparalleled experience of Echoes while highlighting each city’s local ecosystems.

The 3-city concert India tour will begin from Bangalore on 14th April, followed by Mumbai on 15th April, and culminates at Delhi on 16th April. The event aims to foster awareness about issues related to diverse ecosystems unique to these cities through art forms, workshops, art spaces, interactive installations, food, flea markets, and more. The concert envisions focusing on education and celebrating these urban ecosystems through powerful art and music, connecting with the audience, and starting important conversations about the need for their conservation and sustainability.

In addition to the music performances, the event will serve as a platform for experts to deep-dive into the wealth of environmental diversity in the most prominent ecosystems across the three cities through various talks and panel discussions. Echoes of Earth will also lend a voice to powerful human-impact conservation and restoration stories and struggles of local communities and ecowarriors whose positive human interventions are actively aiding in preserving these ecosystems at a grassroots level.

The festival will culminate in a music performance by the British nu jazz collective, The Cinematic Orchestra, celebrating the Earth and enthralling the audience through the evening. Echoes of Earth’s festival director, Roshan Netalkar, said,

“Through the 3-city concert India tour, we aim to support the audience in exploring their local natural environment and put it at the heart of urban life. Echoes of Earth offers a unique experience of coming together as a community to celebrate the Earth responsibly through music, art, and environmental workshops. The 3-city concert India tour will reflect this ethos while allowing room for more sustainable conversations to take place pan-India.”

Echoes of Earth, launched in 2016, is a multi-genre two-day event that celebrates the environment. It features stages and installations made from recycled and up-cycled materials. No plastic or flex materials are used, and a sapling is planted for every ticket sold. Over 150 artists have performed across the festival’s four editions so far, including international and Indian electronic acts such as Yussef Dayes Experience, Klangphonics, Acid Pauli, FKJ, Kohra, and Mathame. Among the activities and attractions are the solar-powered Big Tree stage, a flea market selling organic and sustainable products, and music and wellness workshops.

Echoes of Earth has won several live event industry awards, including the 2019 EEMAX Global Award for Best Stage And Environmental Design and the 2020 WOW Asia Award for Festival of the Year – Art/Culture/Lifestyle. The festival was on hiatus in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic but returned on 3rd and 4th December 2022.

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